Animal Welfare

Multi-million dollar Investment


Solar Eggs has invested millions of dollars in acquiring old cage farms and converting them into modernised Free Range Sheds. The sheds overlook natural forest environments and the ranges attached to each shed allow the hens to have access to this pristine setting, a perfect environment for a ranging hen.

Modern Facilities


With three generations of poultry farming experience the directors at Solar Eggs have the knowledge and reputation for designing and sourcing the best equipment available to create “hen paradise”. This includes air conditioning, anytime access to fresh feed and water, LED lighting and rollaway nests. Our hens have space and luxury in a safe environment within their shed during non-ranging times.

Forest Range

Forest Range

Our hens do range every day welfare permitting. This means that in extreme weather such as heat (above 35°C), hail, electrical storms, or wind storms they are kept safe inside sheds otherwise they are on the range every day from 10:30am until dark when they return back to their sheds. This range is 5,000 birds per hectare and as you can see they have plenty of room.

Natural Protection

Natural Protection

Each paddock has two dedicated Alpacas to protect the flock. Solar Eggs also spends substantial amounts of money on quality fencing to protect the hens from Foxes. We do not use dogs as many other farms do as the hens will eat the dog faeces and this can cause egg quality issues.

We are very proud of our farms and the way we treat our hens. We have been working closely with land care and are growing another 3000 trees to be planted this year.

When you buy Solar Eggs brands you can be assured that we work tirelessly to provide the best environments for all our hens.

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