Quality Assurance & Service

Quality Assurance

Solar Eggs has spent the past two years working very closely with the health department and PIRSA to develop an egg washing and sanitising program that is proven to make eggs safer and remove salmonella from the outer egg. We have finalised the testing and have results that will be branded on all our packaging.

Solar Eggs have passed all state and national accreditation and lead the industry in Quality Assurance practice.


Solar Eggs is synonymous for service within the industry. Outstanding service and quality are the foundation from which we have built our business over generations.

We can cater a package to suit retailer requirements from full service ordering, multi delivering, rotating, merchandising and managing shrinkage. Solar Eggs can accommodate individual requests and requirements and our central egg processing and distribution center enables prompt response times and quicker egg turnover from farm to customer.


Proudly South Australian Owned & Operated

Our eggs meet the strictest quality management
control available, from farm to supermarket.

Solar Integrity - There's No Substitute