Solar Eggs is a 3rd generation business success story.

Run by Jonothan Attard, the business has certainly evolved since initially being set up as a hobby farm by his grandfather in 1927 in Silverton, Broken Hill. By the 1940's this "hobby farm" was the largest egg supplier in Broken Hill, so crucial in fact, that during the Second World War, Jonathan's grandfather was placed on home reserve.

In 1953 the poultry farm moved to Seacombe Gardens and experienced rapid growth due to the shortage of eggs after the war. Moving to North Plympton in 1961 the farm was then handed down to Jonathan's father John, who was an electrician by trade, in 1972. It was then that the Solar Eggs name was established and the business continued its rapid rise. In 1992, John seeking a sea change began studying remedial massage at night with plans to close down Solar Eggs. Son Jonathan, undertaking marketing studies at the time, deferred and bought the family business in 2000 and instigated what has been a massive growth phase in the company's history.

John is still very well known and respected in the industry due to his involvement over the years. John was on the board of SAFF for 20 years and was Chairman of the Commercial Egg Producers Association of SA for 6 years. John still represents Solar Eggs at meetings that Jonathan cannot attend.

The Solar Eggs site at North Plympton has expanded through investing over $3 million in new sheds, increasing staff levels to over 20 people and running a fleet of cars and trucks. Warehousing adjoining the original Lea Street property was purchased in Kinkaid Avenue and developed to include a commercial kitchen and contemporary facilities for the Solar Eggs team. Through this acquisition, plans to diversify into new lines are underway. 

In 2003, we launched our revolutionary Gourmet Breakfast brand retailing across South Australia in independent supermarkets, Foodland, BP On the Run and specialty stores. The response to the packaging has been tremendous and the brand's continued success is a testament to the quality of the eggs inside.