Solar Integrity

Not all eggs are created equal.

That’s why Solar Eggs has developed its own certification process, exceeding the current national industry standard.

We put our eggs under the magnifying glass, so you don’t have to! Solar Integrity is a mark of excellence that guarantees the eggs you have purchased meet the strictest quality management control available, from farm to supermarket. Solar Integrity ensures our superior standards of production are met at every stage of the egg’s journey. 

To be sure that you are getting what you paid for, look for the Solar Integrity logo.


Solar Integrity

About Your Eggs

An unhappy chicken will not lay an egg. Solar Eggs collects 52,000 eggs a week from our that’s happiness!


All of our eggs are washed in our state of the art production facility.


Who would have thought all our eggs have their shells dried... just like at the hairdressers.

UV Inspection

Each egg is individually tested with UV to inspect its yolk, shell thickness and to ensure there are no cracks.


Once the eggs have made it this far, they are mechanically sorted by size to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.


Each thoroughly washed, dried, tested and sorted egg is now mechanically packed. 


Our drivers with their precious cargo onboard, deliver the eggs as soon as possible after packaging, ensuring utter freshness on the shelf.